Algemene Voorwaarden

Article 1. Definitions
1. Supplier: Instant Dedicated, established in Alblasserdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under file number 54037824.
2. Customer: the natural or legal person who has concluded an Agreement with the Supplier or to whom the Supplier has submitted a quotation for this purpose.
3. General Terms and Conditions: the present document.
4. Service: the specific service that the Supplier agrees with the Customer, as stated in the Agreement or quotation.
5. Agreement: the agreement between the Supplier and the Customer in accordance with which the Supplier will provide the Service.
6. Website:

Article 2. Quotation, offer and acceptance
1. The Supplier shall prepare a quotation in which the supplier will state what is included in the Service and what amount will be payable on acceptance. The description of the Service given in the quotation alone is binding. The Customer can also use the electronic ordering process on the Website to purchase the Service. The amount payable is also indicated on the Website and in this regard the description of the Service given on the Website is also binding.
2. A quotation is without obligation and valid for 30 days following despatch by the Supplier, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.
3. If details provided by the Customer prove to be incorrect, the Supplier has the right to adjust the prices accordingly.
4. The Agreement is at all times subject to these General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.
5. Provisions or terms and conditions laid down by the Customer that differ from or do not appear in these General Terms and Conditions are only binding on the Supplier if and to the extent that they have been expressly accepted by the Supplier in writing.
6. The Supplier has the right to reject a Customer at the Supplier’s own discretion without giving reasons.
7. Following acceptance, the Agreement may only be amended by mutual agreement.
8. The Agreement runs from the time at which notice of acceptance by the Customer is received by the Supplier.

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