DDOS Protection

Layer 7 Protection

We can block DDOS attacks from Layer 4 up to Layer 7

1 Tbit/s

Our core network is protected up to 1 Tbit / second in speed

700+ Million pps

We can block DDOS attacks with a size of over 700 million packets per second

Save money

We offer one of the cheapest DDOS protection available in Europe

DDOS Protection that works

Our DDoS filtering protects from floods up to 1 Tbps in size!

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service, like a website or gameserver, unavailable by overwhelming it with a high amount of traffic from multiple sources. DDoS attackers target a wide variety of online resources, from banks to news websites to game servers. They present a major challenge to publishing and accessing information online.

Instant Dedicated offers a very affordable solution to protect your server from DDoS attacks. From only €99,00 per month (per IP) you can receive up to 700,000,000 packets-per-second or 1 Tbit/sec of DDoS protection. The amount of DDOS protection we provide is not dedicated entirely to you, but is a pooled resource that all protected customers share in in our location.

What type of floods do we protect?

  • TCP Fragment
  • Teardrop
  • Botnets
  • HOIC, and LOIC
  • Layer 7 Attacks
  • OS Targeted Vulnerabilities
  • TCP (SYN, etc.), ICMP, and UDP Floods
  • Malformed HTTP Header Attacks
  • Slow-HTTP Request Attacks
  • SYN Floods Against SSL Mixed
  • SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP Floods
  • Blackenergy, Darkness, and YoYoDoSS
  • Malformed SSL Attacks
  • SSL Renegotiation Attacks
  • Common DoS / DDoS Tools
  • Slowloris, Pucodex, and Sockstress
  • DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
  • DNS Request Flood
  • SIP Request Floods
  • IGMP, Smurf Attacks
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Connection Floods
  • Spoofing / Non-Spoofed Attacks
  • Reflected ICMP and UDP Attacks
  • Ping of Death

Does your DDOS protection really work?

An Instant Dedicated customer running a global dating site, started getting a 220 Gbit / second attack after some media attention. The attackers had no problem sending around 86 million packets per second to their site. Luckily, our client took the extra effort on getting decent DDOS protection from us and we had no problem keeping him online.
(the image below is an example from that past. Our current DDOS protection capacity lays today around 1 Tbit/second)


Is your current DDOS protection able to do block this?

Let’s compare Instant Dedicated DDOS protection with others in the industry

How do we differ with other DDoS protection solutions.

There are many approaches to mitigating DDoS attacks. DDoS protection solutions can be very expensive.
Below you can compare our DDoS protection service to other common DDoS mitigation solutions.

DDOS Protection Advantages

Costs & Disadvantages

  • No disadvantages.
  • Instant Dedicated protects your online services 24/7/365 with constant filtering.
  • We offer peace of mind and security for a professional online environment, so you can concentrate on the things that matter.

from €99 / month

Maximum uptime, also during attacks.

No Protection
  • Without protection your server will go offline until the attack stops. This could be hours, days, weeks or even months.
  • Unprotected IPs under attack typically get null routed by the ISP.
  • Major loss for your clients and visitors. Financially, no sales.

€0,00 / month

Downtime, lost revenue and reputation damage.

3rd Party Protection
  • Takes several days (or weeks) to set up.
  • Requires DNS changes that take a lot of time to propagate.
  • Increases load time and latency to your services.
  • Very expensive and most of the time not needed.

€1,000+ / month

A big car lease or house payment.

Dedicated Hardware
  • Huge capital cash investment.
  • Will require network expansion at your data center.
  • Requires extra trained tech staff for specialized DDoS Mitigation.
  • Recurring maintenance and licensing costs.

€10,000+ / month

Rental of a large mansion.
Every month.