Things to consider when buying a dedicated server

You probably wonder, what are the things to consider when buying a dedicated server? We’ll give you some tips & tricks to pick the perfect provider. One big advice: the price is not the only factor when making a decision on buying a dedicated server.

Price you say?

If you want to buy a dedicated server you always look for the best total package, right? Price is important, but is it really that important to pay the least possible and get nothing in return? There are hosting providers where you can buy a dedicated server for very cheap, but they are always hiding something. You should ask yourself; why can you buy a dedicated server for 50% less with them, than with any another provider? I will tell you: they save up on things. What could they be saving up on that makes their pricing so low? Most of the time they save on staff, so you get slow response or unprofessional help or in the worst case, they expect you to handle everything yourself. Another thing they can save on is quality, for example on the hardware or infrastructure. Another thing I have seen in my 12 year of hosting experience is they also oversell or cap the connectivity, which means you can never benefit the full resources. This will result in packet loss and complaints from your customers.

Where should I buy a dedicated server?

You can buy a dedicated server in many locations all over the globe. The biggest markets lay in Europe and USA. If you buy a dedicated server in The Netherlands, you have the advantage of being hosted in a good central location in the world. The Netherlands is also known for their high quality infrastructure and excellent network connectivity. The competition however is very big when looking to buy a dedicated server in The Netherlands. Other important countries where many dedicated servers are sold are France, Germany, Sweden, USA and Canada.

Take some time for it

If you shop for a house, do you also make a decision in 5 minutes? Well, maybe if you are lucky or eager to get one, but mostly not. This is the same if you are shopping around to buy a dedicated server. You should take the time, do some research on the provider and ask questions, because the more info you get, the more you know who you are dealing with. Finding a provider to buy a dedicated server is easy, finding a provider who is reliable and trustworthy is a bit more difficult.

My final advice

If you are interested to buy a dedicated server, whether it is hosted in The Netherlands, USA, or any other country, it is important to do some research about the dedicated server provider. Check some reviews, contact their sales and ask questions. Don’t only focus on price, because if that’s your only deciding factor, then it will turn against you eventually.