Why pick dedicated servers hosting over VPS?

Why would anyone want to choose dedicated servers hosting over VPS? It is actually very simple. With dedicated servers hosting you own the actual dedicated server entirely for yourself. There are no shared resources, no chances on getting downtime because someone else is abusing a part of the server. With dedicated servers hosting you have much more freedom and you maximize your server uptime.

What is dedicated servers hosting?

A dedicated server is a bit like the desktop you are using to browse the internet and do your daily work on. The only difference is that most dedicated servers hosting providers operate from high quality datacenters with redundant airco cooling to keep the servers cool, because a lot of dedicated servers simply consume a lot of heat. Apart from good cooling it is also important to have premium redundant network connections so your dedicated server can enjoy the highest uptime possible. Most dedicated servers hosting providers are able to deliver servers in a matter of minutes or hours. The times where you had to wait 1-2 weeks to get your hands on a dedicated server are already long way behind.

What is VPS hosting?

With a VPS hosting package you actually rent a part of a dedicated server. A hosting provider mostly also offers dedicated servers hosting and VPS packages, so the customer has the choice to rent either a part of a server (Virtual Private Server) or a full dedicated server. The biggest disadvantage of a VPS is that many clients are hosted on the same machine. If one client decides to overload the server, you will also experience this and your site or service can be offline. The only advantage I can think of is that it’s cheaper than a dedicated server.

Final verdict

So would my advice be to go for a VPS or a dedicated servers hosting package? Well it’s very simply, it all depends on how important you consider having your server up & running and also the budget is important. I would prefer a dedicated servers hosting package over VPS, because I don’t like to share the resources for my own critical business. Do you need advice on choosing the right package? Just get in touch with our sales and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.