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Simple, Solid and SuperiorEnterprise grade dedicated hosting solution

Has your business outgrown its current hosting capacity? Upgrade your existing servers or add more dedicated servers in a matter of minutes. We stock a range of high-end, dedicated servers in an assortment of configurations for every computing, storage or hosting need. We have ISO 27001:2005 Certified Data Centers, 100% Power Uptime, 99,9% Network Uptime and hardware replacement SLAs for your mental harmony.


Instant Dedicated is serving customers from over 120 Countries. Because we completely own and operate our Network and Infrastructure, we are able to provide a higher level of reliability, efficiency, and service. Our Superhuman™ Team of Network, Cloud and Systems engineers are on field 24x7, staying just a few paces away from your servers at all times and providing resolutions to your problems in a matter of minutes.
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Welcome to Instant Dedicated, We Deliver Enterprise-Class Dedicated Servers in Minutes.

Remove the costs of in-house IT infrastructure while reinforcing scalability and performance with Instant Dedicated’s dedicated servers. Our dedicated server solution provides clients with on-demand firewalls, load balancers, network infrastructure and raw storage they need to fuel mission-critical business plans and applications.

We operate from FIVE datacenters; 4 in Amsterdam area (core locations) and the other 1 in Belgium. You can choose from these 5 high-performance Tier 3+ quality, security controls and fully redundant data centers that meet the highest level of expectations. Our Superhuman™ Support will work with you to comprehend your requirements, configure your environment and effortlessly migrate your data and servers.

Who we are...

Instant Dedicated was founded in 2011 with an aim to provide a definitive user experience with incomparable customer service, flawless consistency, and extraordinary innovation. Jelle Maes, the founder of ID, has built this company with a mission to create an unparalleled dedicated hosting company with a complete focus on delivering a rock-hard hosting platform to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Having started with just 2 servers in a small datacenter, Jelle’s vision was to shape a hosting company that not only supported the growth of its customers but nurtured it as well. The ideology that Instant Dedicated’s strength and growth would be directly proportional to the strength and growth of its customers has been a key player in developing the company from 2 servers to own private cages with currently >2000 servers in datacenters in The Netherlands and Belgium.

What we do

We control your server so that you can control your business! There are lots of companies in the hosting space that rent you access to their computing infrastructure. But your business doesn’t rely on infrastructure alone to be online. It takes into account a diverse range of specialized engineering skills to build and manage not just the infrastructure, but also the voluminous intricate applications and tools that run on top of it.

When other hosting providers will tell you it’s your responsibility, Instant Dedicated, will take you by the hand and show you how things are done. We provide superlative (managed) hosting solutions because we believe that redundancy and uptime are mutual responsibilities, not just a liability for our customers. And every customer that we acquire, has easy access to our unique customer service we call the Superhuman™ Support.

We have a variety of services and features.

Other dedicated server providers will just provide their infrastructure on lease, but at Instant Dedicated we give you the specialized expertise to run them.

What our customers say about us.

We’re a team of ever-ready, ever responsible and always cooperative experts who symbolize Superhuman™ Support.

Join our ever growing base of happy customers.

We are proud to offer services to the big and small, who value quality and search for that little bit extra in a hosting provider.

Great plans, different packages and incredible prices.

Not sure about what capacity you need or which solution is best for you? Talk to a Dedicated Hosting Expert today!

Metered Dedicated Servers
Ideal for Startup Business
from €49 / Month
Disk Space
Guaranteed RAM
10 TB
Port Speed
100/1000 Mbps
cPanel + WHM
Setup Fee
€49 FREE
Unmetered Dedicated Servers
Ideal for streaming
from €99 / Month
Disk Space
120 GB SSD
Guaranteed RAM
16 GB DDR3
Port Speed
100/1000 Mbps
Dedicated Port
100% Burstable
Setup Fee
€99 FREE
High Traffic Dedicated Servers
Ideal for Corporates
from €199 / Month
Disk Space
2x 3 TB SATA
Guaranteed RAM
32 GB DDR3
75 TB
Port Speed
1/10 Gbps
cPanel + WHM
Setup Fee
€199 FREE

Special Deal


Supermicro Xeon Server

Excellent first server for small businesses, the E3-1241v3 Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processor with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1 TB Storage and 1 Gbit port excels at productivity and collaborating applications, file sharing, and data protection.

Only € 99 / Month

Our strategic partners.

Companies connect with us because they trust us – with their partners, customers and most importantly, their reputation.



“I founded Instant Dedicated to prove a point. The point being that flawless dedicated hosting can be made available to anyone, anywhere in the world. I feel that I have proven my point by providing uninterrupted service and maximum uptime to my clients since 2007. I will be glad to answer them personally.”

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