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We Offer a 100% Uptime Guarantee for All Our Dedicated Servers

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High Availability and High Capacity Scalable Enterprise Grade Servers

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Tier III

Our Data Center Facilities

InstantDedicated operates from 5 state-of-the-art, fully furnished data center facilities. Our core locations are located in the “Amsterdam” and “Schiphol” region in The Netherlands. Since all of these Datacenters are Tier III/IV (N+1 Fault Tolerant** and have resources to intercept 72 Hours of Power Outage), we are able to guarantee 100% SLA for power, bandwidth and 99,99% for network availability.

**N+1 Fault Tolerant / N+1 Redundancy – A method used to ensure system availability in the event of power or component failure. In industrial terms, it is “the replication of acute functions or components of a system with the purpose of increasing consistency of the system, usually in the case of a fail-safe or backup.”

All our Datacenters are staffed 24x7x365 by our ‘on site’, exceptionally trained Superhuman™ Support, featuring some of the fastest ticket resolution times in the hosting industry.

Our location in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands, enjoys a discrete set of benefits preferred by some of our oldest customers. Being located in strategic locations, all our datacenters offer a sophisticated colocation space advantageously positioned in a most respected and renowned carrier hotel located in a strategic location. Being able to serve Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers under a single roof, it is astonishingly able to handle a majority of the internet, data traffic and voice requirements of the country and beyond.

Bridging the Gaps between Seamless Connectivity and Awesome Infrastructure

The location of our Colocation Center(s) within the major carrier meeting point(s), forms a powerful bridge that joins our robust datacenter facility with the seamless accessibility of carrier communication solutions. As a result, the datacenter features multiple carrier backbones, dual backup power supplies (thanks to N+1 Redundancy), modern environmental controls, including cooling and dust filtering, and numerous security systems.

Most of the datacenters we use have the following certifications: ISO 27001:2013 for information security management, ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management, ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, SOC1 Type II (previously known as ISAE3402/SSAE16) for auditing of financial and internal controls and PCI-DSS Version 3.1 for information security for online payment. These facilities can only be accessed by our Superhuman™ Support and verified customers that have a valid keycard along with fingerprint scanner verification.



What It Takes On Choosing a High Standard Datacenter

Planning and running a dedicated server data center is not all about leasing a room and filling it with a bunch of interconnected hardware, which is further connected to a bunch of networks. Every aspect of a high standard data center – from location and convenience to power and redundancy – is constructed to guarantee its resiliency, efficiency and security.

We try to keep uniformity amongst our Europe and USA datacenters and provide our technicians with the best possible training to brainstorm solutions and resolve tricky networking issues in a matter of minutes. Any problem, which our automated management system is unable to resolve, gets passed on to our Superhuman™ Support, who is trained for the most un-anticipatable situations.

Standardized Rack Design in Datacenter

Each InstantDedicated Datacenter Facility has a standardized rack design, with every rack built to same measurements such that the entire corridor has room for up to 3600 servers. Utilizing this scripted regulation in both our datacenters we are able to optimize key performance influencers like space, network, power, staffs and internal rack arrangement as well.

Best-in-Class N+1 Redundancy Network

All Instant Dedicated Data Centers maintain double or triple power feeds, fiber links, backup generators and battery backup that can power the racks for over 72 Hours in dire times. All the equipment is assembled from leading industry players like APC, Juniper, Arista, Dell, Intel and Supermicro to ensure the highest level of reliability, performance and interoperability. We inspect and test our N+1 redundant network frequently including the cooling and power resources to guarantee consistency in our data center racks.

Expert Data Center Superhuman™ Support

The Instant Dedicated Superhuman™ Support works hard to ensure optimal performance throughout our infrastructure. Every data center is armed with a highly trained support team that is responsible for ensuring our 100% SLA server uptime. The on-site team inspects the servers several times a day and performs routine maintenance and upgrades on active servers. Any issue that is not resolved through our automated management framework is passed on to our Superhuman™ Support, which ensures that the demands of our clients are met and their server is clocked at optimum performance,  as fast as possible without levying any additional charges.

24×7 On-Site Security Measures Ensure Peace of Mind

All our Data Center locations in The Netherlands and Belgium are fully secured against physical interference, and the server room access is limited to certified Superhuman™ staff and verified customers only. All our controls are examined by third party auditors (ISO 27001:2005) and we provide detailed maintenance reports to our clients if needed. We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that is great for budding SMBs as well as Large Enterprises to thrive in.